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Your property’s garage door plays a crucial role, safeguarding your vehicle and possessions from potential theft while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your home. This underscores the importance of entrusting the installation of your garage door to skilled technicians to guarantee a flawless end result.

In Seattle, WA, Garage Door Doctor provides top-notch garage door installation and replacement services, catering to all your installation requirements at a cost that aligns with your budget.

For over 20 years, Apex Garage Door has been the preferred choice for professional garage door replacement and installation services in Seattle, WA. Our experienced team will outfit your property with a new garage door that not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures security. If you’re in need of residential garage door installation in Seattle or the nearby areas, reach out to the specialists at Apex Garage Door.

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    Garage door installation

    Garage Door Installation Near Me


    Improper installation of a garage door can lead to various issues, negatively impacting your home’s security, aesthetics, and more. It may even pose a safety risk, resulting in significant injuries to you or your loved ones. Furthermore, poorly installed garage doors are more susceptible to breakdowns, potentially costing you hundreds or more in repairs.

    With extensive experience in installing and maintaining garage doors throughout the greater Seattle area, Apex Garage Door can swiftly install your new door without compromising quality. We are well-versed in the optimal approach for each project, employing industry-leading installation methods to ensure your satisfaction. Our technicians undergo rigorous training, equipping them to handle any installation task with proficiency.

    The Apex Garage Door team possesses expertise in installing all major garage door makes and models, including but not limited to:

    • Sectional garage doors
    • Roll-up garage doors
    • Side-sliding garage doors
    • Insulated garage doors
    • Hollow doors (1 side steel)
    • Wood overlay garage doors
    • Full view garage doors

    We strive to keep your garage door installation costs low, enabling you to enhance your property with a fantastic garage door without straining your budget.

    Whether you need overhead door installation or custom garage door installation, Apex Garage Door is always at your service.

    Garage Door Repair Installation Near You
    our process

    Our Garage Door Installation Process

    At Apex Garage Door, we employ a high-quality garage door installation process that ensures optimal results. Our process is as follows:

    The initial step in our process involves measuring your garage to identify the optimal door size for the entryway. Garage doors are available in various sizes, and an ill-fitting door can lead to issues. Our team assesses the entryway to ascertain whether a single, double, or three-car garage door is required. We take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your garage.

    Following that, we assess the insulation requirements for your garage door to maintain a comfortable internal temperature in your garage. Insulation is crucial in preventing uncomfortable air from infiltrating your garage, ensuring it remains pleasant, particularly during Seattle’s chilly winter months. Opting for an insulated garage door installation can also contribute to energy savings, particularly if you have an attached garage, potentially saving you hundreds over time.

    Moreover, garage door insulation plays a role in enhancing the door’s durability. Insulated doors feature an additional interior steel layer, providing added strength compared to non-insulated doors. Our team will identify the most suitable insulated garage door for your home and determine the appropriate level of insulation it requires.

    Garage doors are available in various unique styles, shapes, and designs, each with its distinct advantages. For instance, hurricane doors are well-suited for coastal regions due to their high wind resistance, though they may not be the optimal choice for landlocked areas.

    The Apex Garage Door team collaborates with you to identify the most suitable door for your environment and specific requirements. Once you’ve chosen the type of garage door, we present a range of color and design options tailored to your individual taste.

    Additionally, we provide garage door panel installation services if you wish to customize your door with features such as windows or decorative accessories.

    Once you’ve chosen your new garage door, our technicians will proceed to install it using top-quality materials and industry-leading installation methods. We prioritize the use of superior supplies and never compromise on quality, ensuring a diligent and efficient installation of your garage door. Our commitment is to deliver a swift and effective installation without cutting corners or using subpar materials.

    In conclusion, we will customize your garage door by incorporating the security features and accessories of your choice. We can bolster its protection with cutting-edge encrypted wireless security systems, a trolley release mechanism, or a lockout device, providing added defense against external threats to your property. After integrating these security features, we will tidy up the space, pack our equipment, and depart from your home, thereby concluding the installation process.


    Benefits of Professional Garage Door Installation

    Introducing a new and upgraded garage door to your property offers more advantages than you may realize. It has the potential to elevate your property’s curb appeal while providing an additional layer of security for your garage against intruders. Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience through Apex Garage Door’s garage door installation and replacement service.

    The primary advantage of installing a new garage door is enhanced security. Many older garage doors come equipped with outdated security features that can be easily bypassed by crafty criminals. Upgrading to a new and improved model significantly enhances your property’s defense measures, protecting your garage from potential threats such as thieves and pests.

    Numerous home-buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home featuring an attractive and secure garage door. Installing a high-quality door on your garage before listing your property on the market is an excellent way to boost its value without incurring significant expenses on renovations.

    Your garage door is one of the initial elements that visitors notice when approaching your home. A visually attractive garage door not only leaves a positive impression on guests and neighbors but also enhances the overall curb appeal of your residence. Opting for a beautiful garage door allows your home to achieve its full visual potential without the need for exorbitant expenses.

    Inadequately insulated garage doors permit the infiltration of cold and hot air into the interior of the garage, creating an uncomfortable environment. For attached garages, this results in the HVAC system working harder to sustain a comfortable temperature, leading to a substantial increase in energy bills. Upgrading to a well-insulated garage door can significantly decrease monthly energy expenses while ensuring a more comfortable space throughout the year.


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    Garage Door InstallationAt Apex Garage Door, delivering exceptional garage door installation and providing outstanding customer service are central to our business philosophy. We make it a priority to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering unparalleled installation, repair, and maintenance services every time they reach out to our team. Throughout the installation process, we keep our customers informed and ensure impeccable customer service from the beginning to the end.

    We firmly believe that our customers deserve the finest garage services in the greater Seattle area, and we consistently strive to surpass their expectations during each visit to their homes.

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    If you’re in search of a trustworthy and seasoned garage door installation company in Seattle, WA, reach out to Apex Garage Door. Our team is committed to promptly installing your new garage door while delivering exceptional customer service throughout the process. Contact Apex Garage Door at (206) 309-9955 and experience top-notch garage door installation and replacement today!

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