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Garage Door spring repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Seattle WA


A properly functioning garage door relies on its springs to operate effectively. When the spring, or springs in the case of a dual system, break, the door becomes unbalanced, making manual opening challenging due to the increased weight.

In such instances, it is strongly advised not to force the door open. Attempting to open a garage door with a broken spring can lead to more extensive damage to the entire system and poses a risk of serious injury. The safest course of action is to seek professional garage door spring repair services.

At Apex Garage Door, we take pride in being the premier choice for garage door spring repair in Seattle, WA. Whether dealing with frayed, broken, or unresponsive springs, our team of skilled technicians ensures top-notch solutions.

With almost four decades of experience, the Apex Garage Door team possesses the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and rectify all garage door spring issues. Upon completion of the repair, we deliver a fully operational and safe garage door.

Put an end to your search for “garage door spring repair near me” in Seattle, WA, and opt for the expertise of Apex Garage Door for exceptional results.

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    types of garage door springs

    Types of Garage Door Springs and Their Lifespan

    The type of garage door spring installed in your door is contingent on the brand and the timeframe of its installation. The common options you might encounter include:

    Torsion springs are typically present in roll-up garage doors, where they play a crucial role in lifting the door before the manual or automatic opener completes the process. The lifespan of most torsion springs can extend up to ten years, depending on the frequency of door usage.

    Certain garage doors are equipped with two torsion springs to ensure better weight distribution. While this design allows the door to remain upright even if one spring breaks, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee safety. If you observe any issues with your springs, it is advisable to schedule repairs or opt for torsion spring replacement promptly.

    One-piece garage doors utilize extension springs to facilitate the lifting process. These doors typically require a minimum of one extension spring per side, although some may have two on each side, totaling four springs. Extension springs tend to have a slightly longer lifespan compared to torsion springs, with some lasting up to 12 years.

    These springs are prevalent in newer properties equipped with roll-up garage doors. The spring system typically comprises one or two springs enclosed within a shaft.

    TorqueMaster systems, however, have the shortest lifespan. In many instances, they begin exhibiting signs of wear within the initial six years, and it’s not uncommon for these units to break down even earlier. To enhance longevity, we assist homeowners in transitioning to more conventional extension or torsion spring systems.

    If you require garage door spring repair in Seattle, WA, for any of the aforementioned spring types, you can rely on the expertise of the Apex Garage Door team for exceptional results.


    garage door springs

    Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

    Garage door springs may break due to various factors, such as:

    Garage door springs endure substantial strain by lifting considerable weight multiple times daily. As the years pass, the strain on the system becomes evident. With the accumulation of wear and tear, it’s only a matter of time before the spring ultimately breaks.

    Even if your garage door and its springs are relatively new, corrosion can expedite wear and tear, leading to eventual spring breakage. The presence of dust, dirt, and water on your door springs can weaken them, making them more susceptible to brittleness. If you observe signs of rust on your garage door springs, applying lubrication to the spring setup can help decelerate the rate of deterioration.

    Like most systems in your home, it’s essential to bring in experts periodically to inspect your garage door. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your door to continue operating efficiently. Neglected doors are more prone to issues like broken springs.

    To prevent your garage door springs from unexpectedly failing, we suggest scheduling annual garage door maintenance for the entire garage door system.

    At Apex Garage Door, we conduct thorough checks on your door’s balance and ensure proper mechanism lubrication. If your door’s balance is compromised, it indicates worn springs that require either repairs or replacement.

    The likelihood of your garage door springs failing increases if the initial installation was poorly executed by your garage door installers. It emphasizes the importance of collaborating with a company that possesses substantial and verifiable experience in garage door installation.

    Garage doors can experience malfunctions as a result of production errors, even when they are relatively new. While it is an uncommon cause, we have encountered this issue repeatedly. A skilled garage door expert can promptly identify manufacturer defects.


    Garage door spring repair

    Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

    When you contact Apex Garage Door for a garage door spring repair job, you can anticipate the following:

    Upon discovering that your spring is no longer functional, we will replace it with new matching options. In the case of a door with two extension springs, we replace both, even if only one is broken. This proactive approach is based on the fact that since the springs have a similar lifespan, it’s only a matter of time before the remaining one fails.

    Opting to replace springs in pairs is the most effective way to ensure a fully balanced door.

    Throughout the spring replacement process, our technicians are meticulous in ensuring that we install springs perfectly matched to your garage door. Garage doors come in various track configurations, weights, and sizes, influencing the spring type, length, and wire size. Our highly experienced technicians are adept at ensuring the use of correct settings for every set of springs.

    To conclude the garage door spring repair, we conduct a balance test to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

    Following the completion of the garage door spring repair and balance test, we dedicate time to inspect all the moving parts and hardware constituting your garage system. The objective is to ensure that each component is in excellent working condition. We particularly focus on the safety cables, crucial in preventing springs from flying across the garage and causing injuries in case of a breakdown.

    At Apex Garage Door, we specialize in tailoring our garage door spring repair and replacement services to meet your specific needs. Throughout every project, we guarantee our customers the following:

    • Time-saving solutions: We come fully equipped to address your garage door spring issues promptly.
    • Reliable repairs at cost-effective rates: Our services offer highly competitive rates for garage door spring repairs.
    • High levels of expertise: With nearly four decades of experience, our team is proficient in handling any garage door spring repair or replacement competently.
    • High safety standards: You can trust us to prioritize safety, ensuring a secure repair or replacement process.

    Schedule an appointment with our team today for expert and reliable garage door spring services.


    Garage door replacement

    Emergency Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Seattle, WA


    When your garage door springs fail, waiting for a contractor is not an option. A broken spring poses a threat to anyone in close proximity to the garage door.

    That’s why, at Apex Garage Door, we provide emergency spring adjustment services. As a locally owned company, we offer high-quality same-day services to homeowners and businesses in the local area.

    In case of emergencies, we can dispatch a technician to your location within an hour. We are the team you can rely on for fast and efficient services. Do not let the situation drive you towards working with inexperienced technicians. Remember, attempting to fix garage door components without experience is as risky as neglecting the problem in the first place.

    Emergency Garage Door Repair
    Garage door spring maintenance

    Garage Door Spring Maintenance


    Garage door springs naturally weaken over time due to frequent use. Ignoring the condition of your door’s springs can eventually lead to a dangerous situation, with the door potentially coming down unexpectedly. To avoid such risks, it is crucial to schedule periodic maintenance for both the garage door springs and the door itself.

    While modern torsion and extension springs can have a relatively long lifespan, regular maintenance plays a key role in ensuring they reach their advertised longevity. Don’t dismiss creaking or straining sounds when opening and closing the garage door, as these are signs that the springs require urgent attention.

    For a professional tune-up and garage door tension adjustment, contact Apex Garage Door immediately. We’ll also work with you to establish a maintenance schedule, ensuring the longevity and safety of your garage door springs.

    Garage Door Maintenance Near You
    Why choose us

    Why Choose Apex Garage Door for Your Seattle Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement?


    Residents in Seattle, WA, prefer Apex Garage Door for the following reasons:

    • Comprehensive Spring Services: We provide a complete range of garage door spring services, encompassing repair and maintenance.

    • Experienced Technicians: Our highly skilled technicians specialize in repairing and replacing springs in all types of garage doors.

    • Strict Adherence to Safety Protocols: We prioritize safety by strictly following all safety protocols during our services.

    • High-Quality Replacement Springs: We exclusively install replacement springs of the highest quality.

    • Top-Class Customer Service: Our commitment to top-notch customer service ensures 100% satisfaction on every project.

    • Free Upfront Estimates: Before initiating any work on your door, we provide free upfront estimates.

    • Honest Recommendations: We maintain honesty by never suggesting solutions that you don’t need.

    • Punctuality: You can rely on our technicians to arrive promptly at the scheduled time when you need our services.

    Garage Door Spring FAQ

    The initial indication that necessitates scheduling a garage door spring repair service is the presence of creaking sounds when you open the garage door. Additionally, you can visually inspect the springs for signs of rust. Depending on the severity of the spring damage, observable signs may also indicate the need for attention.

    While operating your garage door, observe its movement. Does it open and close smoothly? Is there any noticeable sagging when the door is open? If you answer affirmatively, it is advisable to schedule a spring inspection at the very least.

    Anticipate changing your garage door springs approximately every five to ten years. The specific lifespan is contingent on factors such as the type of springs, the daily door usage, and your maintenance routine.

    However, it’s not unusual for garage door springs to experience failure well before the advertised lifespan. We’ve encountered situations where customers needed extension spring repair within three years of installing their garage door. In such cases, it’s essential to be prepared for an earlier replacement to ensure your safety.

    While it is technically possible to replace garage door springs without professional assistance, we strongly advise against it. Garage doors are substantial structures, and mishandling springs during the replacement process can turn them into dangerous weapons.

    For your safety, it is always recommended to entrust garage door spring installation or repair to qualified personnel.

    The cost of garage door spring replacement can vary based on the specifics of the job. When you opt for Apex Garage Door for your garage door springs project, you can expect to receive a comprehensive estimate before we commence the work.

    The primary cause of garage door breakdowns is typically wear and tear. Manufacturers commonly design garage doors to operate smoothly for approximately 10,000 cycles of opening and closing. Once your garage door surpasses this advertised cycle limit, it is more likely to experience a breakdown.


    Garage door repair

    Expert Garage Door Repair Services from a Local Company You Can Trust

    Choosing Apex Garage Door for your garage door spring repair and replacement ensures you receive top-notch customer service. With over 30 years of industry experience and a multitude of satisfied customers, we stand out as the go-to experts for your garage door needs.

    When you want to entrust your garage door to professionals who won’t let you down, Apex Garage Door is the only choice.

    Contact Apex Garage Door today at (206) 309-9955 to schedule an appointment for your garage door spring repair or installation service in Seattle, WA, or the surrounding areas.


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